1, Qingtian trading company established in December 1993, business trade (export clothing raw materials)
        2, 1995 03 months to set up Qingtian Wujiang silk Co., Ltd.
        01, 1997 3 increase in knitted fabric factory
        09, 4 months in 1998 changed its name to Qingtian Suzhou Enterprise Development Co., Ltd.
        05, 1999 5 shares of investment in the green horse clothing factory, the main computer knitting clothing
        6, December 1999 ISO9001 quality management system certification
        7, March 2003 with the British Hatcher family joint venture founded Brand Company
        8, expand the scale of operation in 2004 06 moved to the new factory
        9, 2004 08 joint venture established International Trade Company
        10, the establishment of the European office in October 2005
        11, in December 2005, the first domestic textile industry by the international labor organization awarded the SA8000 social responsibility system certification
        12. In 2007 09, the United Nations Children's fund partner
        13, the establishment of the Brand Company in 2007 09
        14, December 2007 the State Ethnic Affairs Commission, Ministry of finance, people's Bank of Chinese jointly issued the "eleven five" during the national minority special commodity fixed-point production enterprise
        15, December 2007 "TEGGE" was named Jiangsu province famous brand
        16, May 2008 acquisition of a suit factory in Shanghai mountain
        17, May 2008 ISO9001:2000 quality management system certification
        18, June 2008 EMS14001 environmental management system certification
        19, in July 2008 to obtain the SMS18001 occupational health and safety management system certificate
        20, the establishment of the Anhui factory in September 2008, the main knitted garments
        21, July 2010 was established in Suqian, Jiangsu branch of the main knitted garments
        22, December 2012 through the WRAP system audit
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